राष्ट्रीय राजधानी क्षेत्र दिल्ली सरकार
शिक्षा विभाग, पुराना सचिवालय, दिल्ली-110054



in Private Unaided Recognized Schools of Delhi

Q.1. What is the meaning of EWS/DG Category?
Q.2. What is the meaning of ONLINE ADMISSIONS of EWS & DG Category?
Q.3. What is the name of the link on the website of the department?
Q.4. What is the procedure for filling the admission form under EWS/DG category in Private Unaided Recognized schools of Delhi?
Q.5. Where are the instructions available?
Q.6. In which of the schools, online admission of EWS/DG category can be sought?
Q.7. In which class EWS/DG Admissions can be sought online ?
Q.8. What percentage of seats under EWS/DG category is available in a school?
Q.9. Who comes under EWS (Economically Weaker Section) category?
Q.10. Who comes under the DG (Disadvantaged Group) category?
Q.11. What are the documents required for EWS/DG category?
Q.14. I have Food Security Card but it does not have any date of issue. How can I proceed online?
Q.15. I have the caste certificate but my child does not have the same. Can I apply for admission under DG category?
Q.16. My caste certificate has been issued by another State. Will it be valid for admission of my ward under DG category?
Q.17. If the validity of my Income certificate has expired, then how can I apply?
Q.18. My income/caste certificate has not been issued yet. It is still under process. Then how can I apply?
Q.19. I do not have any proof of Date of Birth of my child. How can I apply?
Q.21. What are the documents that can be considered as proof of address?
Q.22. What are the documents that can be considered as proof of Birth?
Q.23. Is income certificate necessary for DG Category?
Q.24. What is the age criteria for EWS/DG admission in Entry Level Classes?
Q.27. Will there be disclosure of seats in different entry level classes?
Q.28. I have two children/twins. Then what is the procedure of filling online form?
Q.29. How would I know in which of the schools I have applied? Will I have choice of schools after Registration?
Q.30. How can I find the nearest Private Unaided Recognized Schools from his residence? How many schools can I select?
Q.31. Can one change/modify the information after submitting the online application?
Q.32. What should I do to obtain my registration ID/Password again?
Q.33. After successful submission of the application form, do I need to go and submit the copy of the application form to each and every school I opted for?
Q.35. When the draw of EWS/DG Quota will be held? Where can I see the list of selected students under EWS /DG quota? How will I get to know that my child is selected in which school? Will the School contact us or EDUCATION DEPARTMENT will tell us that whether my child has been selected or not selected?
Q.36. I have filled the online application. What do I have to do next? Do I need to send the printed form anywhere? Do I have to fill any other form manually or any other form on school website? How will I submit the required documents?